About Us

Our Story

WESTSIDE RISING is a non-profit that was established by organizations and individuals that are committed to working together, utilizing homegrown leadership and self-determination to build a collective power-base that represents the best interest of the West Side of Chicago, IL. Our work is guided and governed by these principles.

Our vision is to build a just, livable, and vibrant Greater West Side.

Our mission is to engage and unite a network of local residents and organizations through training and capacity-building to leverage our collective power and shape our communities.

We service the area within the boundaries of Ashland to Austin, Cermak to North Avenue. As we grow, WESTSIDE RISING will maintain an inclusive approach to our efforts welcoming residents, leaders, and organizations from the West Side to engage and participate in our activities.

We are driven by values

WESTSIDE RISING’s guiding principles are trust, integrity, accountability, transparency, and respect for our community, coalescing members, and our collective efforts.


We build power in our community by initiating, establishing, and building trusting relationships for collective action.


We work to uphold strong moral principles to ourselves, partners, and communities.


We function with open, honest, and clear communication and interactions for effective decision making and collaborations.


We are Westside stakeholders that are obligated to work together to build a thriving westside.


We hold a deep admiration for ourselves and our communities. We work to honor and uphold the dignity and rights of westside communities and all people.





·      Bethel Lutheran Church 

·      Black Workers Matter 

·      Breakthrough Ministries 

·      BUILD Inc. 

·      Garfield Park Community Council (GPCC)

·      Garfield Park Community Development Corp. (GPCDC)

·      I AM ABLE Center for Family Development Inc.  

·      Northwest Austin Council

·      The PhoenixX Institute (TPI)

·      Prevention Partnership (P2)

·      Westside Health Authority (WHA)

·      Carol Johnson

·      Miller Rodgers

·      A host of member leaders, organizations, and supporters